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6 Trends You Should Adopt for 2016

6 Trends You Should Adopt for 2016

6 Trends You Should Adopt for 2016

After working in Consumer Marketing for nearly 20 years, I have been programmed to pay attention to new trends. The most interesting thing about this is that most people miss the front end of new trends and are late adapters. So I have decided to share a few of the hot new trends in hopes of helping a few folks jump on the bandwagon a little bit earlier.

I did a recent Periscope broadcast on this topic, check out the video below.

Here is the quick recap!

  1.  Welcome the Not com era. More than 100 new domain extensions were released last year, which means that we will see the .com extension less and other extensions more.
  2. Streaming media is crushing the game. Ustream, Periscope and Meerkat are just a few of the live streaming platforms taking over. Don’t miss out on this social boom!
  3.  Digital Media rules. More media outlets are spending less time in print and more money on developing digital platforms.
  4.  Apps. More apps are being developed for more platforms. These apps are becoming more robust to capture the large market share that are moving towards app usage.
  5. Lifestyle Monetization. More and more key influencers are monetizing products and services that they use in their everyday life!
  6. Curation Websites. Websites dedicating to collecting content from around the web and storing the content in one place.
  7. BONUS: Create digital products and turn them into passive revenue.
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  1. Elder Stella Hall says:

    I love it! Very informative and adopting the new trends

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