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5 Tips To Reduce Your Stress In 2015 [VIDEO]

5 Tips To Reduce Your Stress In 2015 [VIDEO]

5 Tips To Reduce Your Stress In 2015 [VIDEO]

Welp, 2014 has been a helluva year for me in a good and bad way.  I re-branded myself and set off for a new lifestyle destination that called for me to move into a new office space and a new house. Because I’m a veteran and serial entrepreneur, I had plans and strategies for just about everything, except…. STRESS.  Yep, you best believe that all these mega changes were exciting but each transition brought it’s own set of challenges and stress.

But here I am at the end of the year and happily awaiting 2015 with renewed vigor.  Why am I so freaking excited after such a stressful year?  Because I uncovered some great tools for managing my stress this year.  I hope you enjoy this video, meanwhile check out the 5 tips below.

  1.  Get More Sleep. – Women who sleep 8-9 hours per night live longer.
  2. Turn Off Your Brain. – Put your brain on by-pass so you can check out and be at peace.
  3. Laugh. – Allow humor to become your coping mechanism “get your happy on”
  4.  Breathe. – Deep breathing meditation decreases your heart rate and blood pressure.
  5.  Happy Thoughts. – Being happy increases endorphins in your brain that decreases your stress levels.

** If you are looking to find out more about deep breathing meditations you can connect with my friend Millicent St. Claire on HER WEBSITE.


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