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3 Reasons You Should Be About That IG Life

3 Reasons You Should Be About That IG Life

3 Reasons You Should Be About That IG Life

Alright, let me warn you, I’ve been spending a sh*t ton of time on Instagram (IG) lately so I’m going to use all the hip new insta-jargon that I have learned in this post. So let’s get started by saying when it comes to Instagram, Insta-famous does not equal insta-rich! It is indeed possible to get thousands of followers without buying them, but your number of followers doesn’t equal dolla dolla bills y’all (insert my rapper voice here).

Up until a couple months ago IG was the platform where I spent the least time and where I had the least amount of success. But I’m no dummy, there are some SERIOUS coins up for grabs on the “gram”. Not to mention it’s a cool place for millennials and treps (entrepreneurs) on the go to hang out. Needless to say my gram numbers and revenue are growing and I’m all about that IG life and here are 3 reasons why you should be too.


In my experience, Instagram converts just as fast as my email list if I direct traffic properly. For example, if you want your followers to opt-in you simply type “click the link in my bio” as the caption to one of your posts. That link should send them to an opt-in page. Boom! You’ve just started driving traffic. That link can just as easily be directed to a purchase page for a product or service. Now you get my drift?


The more visible you are, the more you stay “top of mind”. You want people to not only recognize you as an authority, but also come looking for your content. This will establish trust and brand loyalty, and remember people do business with people they know, like and trust. Post at least 3 times per day to keep your content fresh and keep followers interested. And don’t forget to engage in the comments with your audience, the new IG algorithm will love you for it!


Followers often engage your brand based collective experiences across multiple platforms.  If they like you on Facebook, they will also follow you on IG. But they are expecting an experience that also aligns with the insta-culture.  A great way to become an INSTA hit is to diversify your posts. Photos and memes are great, but followers simply love the inst-video and insta-stories feature. Turn up the video and watch your audience grow.
OK, that’s all I’ve got for now. But hopefully it’s enough to make you an OG (original gangsta) on IG! Imma catch you on THE GRAM (Follow @JaiStone)!


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