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5 Reasons Auntie Fee Is A Totally Awesome Brand Builder

5 Reasons Auntie Fee Is A Totally Awesome Brand Builder

5 Reasons Auntie Fee Is A Totally Awesome Brand Builder

**EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING** Before you click on any of the links or videos mentioned in this post, please be advised that there is quite a bit of profanity. If this type of language offends you, please skip to the next post.

You might have picked up on the fact that I’m all about challenging boundaries and shoving the envelope right off the freaggin table.  With so much noise in the media, sometimes the irreverent is edgy and politically correct is viewed as posturing. But no matter what side of the fence you fall on, the one thing we can’t deny is the fact that AUTHENTICITY is the most valuable currency today.

I say to my clients over and over “you dont’ have to be perfect, you just have to show up! Enter Felicia O’dell aka Auntie Fee (pronounced Ain’t Fee), the viral video star of the You Tube  channel “Cooking With Aunt Fee) that has amassed nearly 130k subscribers to her channel.  She’s like the urban Paula Dean with a serious potty mouth and attitude who turns out to be nothing short of heartwarming humorist with common sense strategies for cooking great food.

When you hear the phrase “she has an awesome brand”  you likely think of women like Oprah Winfrey or Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx). When we think of these  mammoth brand builders a few words come to mind: excellence, trendsetter, empowerment and risk taker.  We also probably conjure up polished, professional images created by a top advertising agency designed to attract their respective audiences. Ahhh yes, AWESOME BRANDS! Now let me flip the switch on you.

We have officially entered the age of new media and the standards for what is acceptable in the public eye have changed. The evolution of technology and social media have now offered us a way to see things never before portrayed by traditional media. Images that we can relate to in our day to day lives.  Seriously, how many of us have an Auntie Fee in that we love to pieces who keeps us doubled over with laughter?  This new age has offered us the opportunity to see something in the media that we have never seen before… OURSELVES!

That’s it! The reason Auntie Fee is so popular is because she represents the familiar to many, the funny to most and the REAL to anyone who views her videos.  That being said, I’m going to share with you 5 reasons she is a TOTALLY AWESOME brand builder.

1. SHE IS AUTHENTIC: I know I’ve said that a bazillion times, but I can’t stress how important it is to be authentic with your marketing efforts. The last thing Auntie Fee is worried about it being “good enough” to been seen by her thousands of fans.  She starts the camera’s and just goes for it, PERIOD!

2. SHE GETS PAID: Auntie Fee figured out early on how to monetize her brand. She sells everything from t-shirts (she calls them FEE Shirts) to homemade seasonings to her followers.  I’m just waiting for her to launch a recipe book featuring her PUNK-ASS CINNAMON ROLLS!


3. SHE HAS A CELEBRITY FOLLOWING: Not only has she appeared on TMZ and Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, Auntie Fee has the likes of Alicia Keys and her Swizz Beatz trying out her recipes.

4. SHE HAS A HUGE FOLLOWING: In addition to the 130k You Tubers she also has more than 40k Facebook fans. She often takes the time to give shout outs and acknowledgements to her followers during her videos.  Not only is this a grand and humble gesture of appreciation that makes her supporters feel valued, it also creates a two-way communication that fosters a since of community.

5. SHE HAS A TEAM: Viewers don’t get to see much of Auntie Fee’s handsome son and cameraman Tavis, but we all KNOW who he is!  Their classic banter is a big part of what makes the show relate-able and worth watching.  Then there is Asia her off camera assistant and a number of other players that Auntie Fee often references that help her with everything from designing her clothing line (aprons & shirts so far) to packaging her products.

So like I said, Auntie Fee is an AWESOME brand builder!  Remember, you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to show up! Any questions?



PHOTO CREDITS: Jimmy Kimmel Live, TMZ, Oh Bite It

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  1. KJ says:

    I believe her brand is Awesome…. Because she is true to herself and others. Great story

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