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Entrepreneurship: Put Your Big Girl Panties On Sis!

Entrepreneurship: Put Your Big Girl Panties On Sis!

Entrepreneurship: Put Your Big Girl Panties On Sis!

This year will mark 16 years of my being a business owner (give me a high 5 five on that one, because it hasn’t been a cake walk)! This is the toughest, most frustrating, most disappointing, hurtful and most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life and I wouldn’t change one single second of it. j

But running your own business is far more work and sacrifice than anyone ever told me. So when women approach me about starting their own business and they are full of passion and promise, I always think to myself “put your big girl panties on sis. Cause this sh*t is more than a notion “.

If I had ONE seed that I could plant in the garden of every aspiring business owner, it would be that “your determination has to be bigger than your passion.” I know you are like WAYMENT…. whut?

I know we live in a world that says follow your dreams and passions. But I say follow your profits! And, YES! You should be passionate about your business, but profits are what will sustain you.

Now let’s get back to that determination I told you about. 99.9999999% of all treps (the cute new abbreviation for entrepreneurs) that I know are stubborn as hell and completely unrealistic in their goals. And then they go and achieve them (or come pretty darn close) every time. It takes a special kind of soul to say “I’m going to do some bonkers sh*t and I’m going to make it work!” In fact, we have all been given the side eye or just flat out told that we are delusional. Which makes us determined to win! So what do we do? We put our big girl panties on, take the bumps, bruises, hard knocks and criticism and keep on treppin’.

Listen, sis, this sh*t ain’t easy. But it’s damn sure worth it. So put your big girl panties on and join the super trep┬álingerie club, we’re waiting for you.


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