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4 Strategies To Blog or Vlog Your Way To Fame

4 Strategies To Blog or Vlog Your Way To Fame

My, my, my how times have changed. Remember the days when you used to actually have to be talented to get discovered to become famous? Do you recall when folks would pack up their lives and move to Hollywood or New York City to make it big?!  Back then, price of fame was high and people were willing to pay dearly for it. Well that price has decreased significantly and what is left for fame-seekers to do but adapt?

With the emergence of Social Media and the growing popularity of Reality TV the fame game has changed significantly.  And while in many ways, I long for the old days, I’m hyped as hell about this new school approach to getting noticed.  It’s an especially exciting time for small business owners and undiscovered talents.  The internet is a bonafide breeding ground to get discovered, so what are you waiting for? If you don’t believe me, listen to what my good friend Lamar Tyler has to say!

Yup!  What he said, “The Gatekeepers Are Gone!!” What?! You don’t think it’s that simple?  Trust me, it is that simple… but it ain’t easy!  No worries though, you’ve got your old friend Jai on your side to help you find the way.  One of the fastest ways to get discovered is through the use of blogging or vlogging. Not only are these two platforms popular, but they are effective.  Let’s look at bloggers like Perez Hilton who’s media empire started as a gossip blog. Then there is Demetria Lucas a blogger turned Reality Star who also just penned her 2nd book.  And let’s not forget about iJustine (pictured above) the technology vlogger turned new media mogul who has accumulated over 5million followers across social media and become a technology consultant for some of the most famous brands in the world.

So thanks to Lamar T., you know WHY it’s possible to use your blog/ vlog to become famous.  And I just provided you with some examples of people WHO have already done it. I suppose it’s time for the HOW!  So here are a few tactics that bloggers & vloggers use to become famous.

1. Uniquely Position Your Brand:
There are a lot of people out there seeking fame for their brands.  So how do you get above the noise?  Read this next part very carefully…  Chances are that you’re not offering anything unique, but what HAS to be different is how you put your spin on it.  Let’s take for example the cool dudes over at The Phat Startup who focus on helping new business owners get their companies up and running.  What’s so unique about that, welp… these guys infuse the perspective of Hip Hop Culture. They use icons like P. Diddy and Russell Simmons as benchmarks and they quote Hip Hop lyrics in their training.  After being in business for less than a year, these guys have caught the attention of Forbes, Inc. and they even do lectures at Ivy League Colleges.  Now how is THAT for positioning?  By the way, I was honored to be featured on their vlog interview series last year… check out my interview!

2. Don’t Make It About You.
I know this one sounds a bit weird since most blogs appear to be sort of “me-focused”.  But that’s at first glance. If you take some time to dig a little deeper you will find that while most content creators speak in first person, they are sharing a great deal of information that benefits their audience.  The focus here is to connect with others! Its great to start by sharing something personal, but it needs to be something that matters to someone besides you… even bigger, that has to be a nugget that people can walk away with, a nugget that brings them value.

3. Hustle, Then Hustle Harder:
One of my favorite Twitter quotes came from my favorite marketing mogul Charles Major. “Plan. Huslte. Win. Repeat.”   It doesn’t get more simple than that.  It takes a certain amount of tenacity to get seen by all the right people.  The first step is to produce quality content, then promote the heck out of it.  That’s just what Charles did with his website Mogul Insider.  The author of Become a Mogul: 7 Major Success Principles For The Urban Entrepreneur put together some great video interviews offering tips and education to his audience, then promoted them to his thousands of Twitter followers.  In a matter of months he landed knee deep in a media blitz that ultimately positioned him as a “major” player in the Urban Marketing landscape.  You might have already guessed this, but yes, I also spent some time with Charles, see my interview here.

4. Keep It Real, It Really Works:

You can never go wrong with being honest, even when the truth is hurtful or embarrassing. Some of my most painful personal experiences have been the source of my biggest media coverage.  Let’s just take my struggle with obesity.  I’ve battled the bulge since I was a kid, but I have never spoken about it publicly until last year when I faced some really awful cyber-bullying.  When the swarms of sadistic naysayers came poking fun at me, the first thing they targeted was my weight.  What did I do?  I blogged about it!  My post “Why Is She So Fat…” caught the attention of producers on BET and landed me a guest spot on the TD Jakes Television Show.  My blog posts weren’t about me posturing or positioning my image to appear perfect.  On the contrary, they were about highlighting my flaws.  Think about how many celebs we admire because they remind us of a more popular flawed version of ourselves.

Whew!  This one ran a bit long, but I’m hoping that you got some clear ideas about how to use your blog or vlog to pave your way to fame. If you want more tips from me on this topic, check out my upcoming webinar 90 Days To More Media Exposure & More Money!

Nakedly Yours,
Jai Stone
(Emotional Nudist & Master Brand Coach)

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4 thoughts on “4 Strategies To Blog or Vlog Your Way To Fame
  1. Grow It Girl says:

    Love it! I have really been debating going back to including more of me in my blog. It started as my personal hair journey but it morphed into something that I am not feeling.

  2. Lisa R. says:

    I’m digging deep into your advice bag, Jai! I’m starting over as a blogger and I’ll be focusing on keeping up, staying consistent, and actually building a following this time around.

  3. The Phat Startup says:

    Love you Jai! We could have never built a solid brand without your guidance. You spit hot FIRRRRREEE aka gems! #bossup

  4. Kris Cain says:

    Simple post, but it makes the point very well! Hustle, hustle, promote, and hustle some more about sums it up for real. 🙂


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