Is Busy Brain Syndrome Wrecking Your Flow?

Is Busy Brain Syndrome Wrecking Your Flow?

Is Busy Brain Syndrome Wrecking Your Flow?

I’m about to share a real moment of #EmotionalNudity! Contrary to popular belief, always being busy isn’t a good thing. For the last 3 months, my life was so chaotic that I couldn’t even think. My brain was cloudy, my actions were careless and flighty, and my spirit was jumpy. I was in triple overdrive with of turbo “get sh*t done” booster. I can’t even tell you how many times I left my cell phone on the seat of my car, forgot my laptop at home or drove for miles with my car on “E” because I was just too tired to stop. With this “Busy Brain Syndrome”, I was spending more time fixing things than accomplishing things and THAT was wrecking my flow! Sound familiar?

Welp, for the past 2 weeks, things have been more calm. Suddenly I have all these awesome solutions to things that had me baffled for months. My energy is more upbeat and suddenly, and I’m attracting all the right people! I can HEAR my directives from God more clearly (yes, Princess Potty Mouth seeks GOD). I’ve stopped forgetting my cell phone and all other manner of scatter brain activities. But the biggest surprise is that I finally feel connected… Connected to my loved ones, my purpose and myself.

These days, it seems “busy” is the code name for “success”, or at least people think so. So here is how you can help me out! I know you probably believe that being CONSTANTLY busy is a GOOD thing, but usually it’s not! In fact being too busy is often a distraction. Busy can also mean that you are over stimulated, unsettled, worried, unhappy, or in sort of pain. The tricky part is that the only way to tell what’s REALLY going on is to get UNBUSY. So that’s what I want you to do.

For the next 21 days I need you to find at least 1 hour a day where you think nothing, do nothing, ponder nothing… hell, like I said NOTHING! Why 21 days… errr, cause I read somewhere that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. So let’s shoot for NOTHING being a habit. Before you know it, your nothing will turn into SOMETHING that’s freaking ahhhhhmazing! Busy doesn’t lead to success, CLARITY does! Besides, you’re worth it!


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  1. Brandi Starr says:

    I’m truly in a season of transition right now which comes with endless checklists. I REALLY need to do this. Busy brain has been getting the best of me lately and I often find myself spinning my wheels.

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