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It’s Crazy As Hell In The A-T-L: And It’s Not Just The Weather!

It’s Crazy As Hell In The A-T-L: And It’s Not Just The Weather!

This is not my normal kind of blog post, but after this week in the Peach State I had to take commentary that I usually save for Twitter and drop into a full blown article. LOL!!!

Low and behold if the dung heap ain’t deep in the A-T-L this week. Lemme give you the remix on the drama unfolding in our town. Last week we had the Battle of the bands here in ATL, and this week started with the the battle the “mans” on Real Housewives of Atlanta (#RHOA). Nene stirred up a pot of mess then fed it to her guests and when things boiled over she blamed her guests for things like “getting out of their seat”. Meanwhile it was clear that while Kenya Moore’s assistant Brandon bats for the other team, he ain’t no punk. Other episode highlights included: Chuck getting cozy with a book case, a fine ex felon getting shirtless, and a retired r&b singer taking a New Jack City swing at someone. I’m assuming that the deposit for that hotel suite is like my crazy ex boyfriend… long gone and never to be seen again.


Speaking of #RHOA, apparently Real Housewives star Apollo Nida has turned in to a real house husband because he’s had to surrender his passport in the wake of those federal charges he’s facing. There seems to be the possibility the his sons the prince and the president may have to proceed to greatness without him. Let’s just pray on that thang….

Rumor has it Tiny is having some rather BIG marital problems with hubby T.I. I really like this couple, so I’m hoping it’s a rumor and the situation isn’t “major” (no pun intended).

Jamfest 20-14 aka #SnowJamATL got off to a banging start when the long predicted snow and ice dropped in on us a few hours early. And that’s when our poorly prepared city started slipping and sliding into the history books and being documented as one big muck up of a town.

The historic events reported included motorists stuck on the road for 23 hours, a lady giving birth in the woolly mammoth of a traffic jam and mini me’s (kids) all over town were trapped on school buses and stuck in schools overnight. What a debacle, even EDGES couldn’t straighten out this nappy mess. *press pause* if you don’t know what EDGES is don’t even worry about it, lol! *press play*


Atlanta city mayor Kasim Reed tried to “read” the media when they came for him and our governor Nathan “don’t know the” Deel finally came out of hiding only to blame GEMA (Georgia’s emergency response people). Wonder if Mr. Governor and Chuck from Real Housewives studied at the same school of hide and seek. *shrugs*

I know this is the south and we like our tea (gossip) sweet but I’ve got a peach of a toothache this week. This week the A was like Kim and Kanye #TeamDoingTooMuch.

Whew!! I think that will do it for me.

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