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Emotional Nudity Now On

Emotional Nudity Now On


Starting this week, you will be seeing the Emotional Nudity brand on  ENL Founder, Jai Stone is now a regular online contributor to the media giant that is the premier media outlet for African-American women.  In addition to the successful print publication, Essence Magazine, the company also hosts the Black Women In Hollywood gala and the ever popular Essence Music Festival.  Here’s what Jai had to say about the news.

“I’ve always considered a multi-ethnic, grassroots brand that is meant to reach women wherever they are, working with is the start of that journey.  Its important to me that women learn the power in self acceptance and authenticity, and that they don’t have to compromise themselves to gain power, success and happiness.”

Stone says she hopes to create similar relationships with other media outlets to expand her reach.

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