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Emotional Nudity – The Lifestyle (Workshop)

Emotional Nudity – The Lifestyle (Workshop)

Adopting the lifestyle of an Emotional Nudist is a process all of its own.  While its easy to embrace the concept, it takes courage and resolve to live totally exposed.  Its much more about who you are rather than what you have done. The 1-day workshop walks you through the process of moving into more authentic living.

The workshop covers the following:

  • Embracing The Emotional Nudist In You  – Discovering and embracing your true self
  • The 4 Phases of Emotional Nudity
  • Determining your Life Zones – What components do you require in your life to be totally fulfilled
  • Living in the Buff – Adopting the total EN Lifestyle
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Team Jai

My team of dedicated staffers help me keep the wheels up on this jet set lifestyle of mine. I'm enormously grateful to have them. J.S.
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