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Fearlessly FIERCE: A Fashionista’s Tale Of Finding Freedom

Fearlessly FIERCE: A Fashionista’s Tale Of Finding Freedom

Fearlessly FIERCE: A Fashionista’s Tale Of Finding Freedom

One of the most common avenues of self-expression comes through something we do every day – getting dressed.  Fashion is personal expression without words.  Most of us have a style icon we’re drawn to, or a specific look that we try to accomplish.  But how many of us have said, “That’s FIERCE, but I could never pull that off”?

Being in Washington, D.C., I am surrounded by intelligent and tasteful women who appreciate great design, but are afraid of donning the fierce apparel for fear of what others think in this fashionably conservative city.  For me, personal style is communication – it’s using my body as a blank canvas every day to express my creativity, my character and individuality. Fear in this capacity is no different than being afraid to say what’s on your mind.

For years, I have been a victim of this type anxiety!  I was brought up in a conservative family and a culture where conformity, rather than individuality, is encouraged.  Being a naturally creative individual, it was even more frustrating and it became a more constant struggle each day.  With age and maturity, I finally broke free when and realized I needed to not only accept but be prideful of who I am.

I am no longer worried about what others think of the slightly over-the-top statement piece that I’m wearing.  And it doesn’t stop there – I’ve decided to expand this unapologetic mentality into jewelry and accessories design, in order to help other women become more fearless in their self-expressions.  Ultimately, I hope to promote fashion for individualism rather than social status.   I believe that almost anything can be accomplished when you’re FIERCE enough to fight through your fears!

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