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That Time I Fired Every Last One Of My Clients (Part 2 of 2)

That Time I Fired Every Last One Of My Clients (Part 2 of 2)

That Time I Fired Every Last One Of My Clients (Part 2 of 2)

In my PREVIOUS POST, I wrote about my reasons for firing every single one of my clients. And while the sentiment seems triumphant, the story doesn’t end there. I would be remiss if I wasn’t transparent about my transition phase. There was the rebranding process and rebuilding phase. Then there was the “figure out what works” phase. And finally the “Thank You, Jesus, for this payment” segment. Whew, it wasn’t easy, so let me break down what I did to recreate myself.

Rebranding – I took 5 websites and combined them into ONE ginormous Jai Stone umbrella. That means messaging, content, services etc. I focused only on the services and content that would generate income to the tune of a 80/20 split. That means 80% of my services, content, visibility, speaking topics were focused on the areas I wanted to grow. Then there was the 20% that didn’t generate revenue but increased brand recognition.

Rebuilding – I became consistently visible online. Especially video and livestream.  I set up lead magnets and a Facebook community to attract the folks that were interested in my current message. I also made announcements to my existing audience. I slowly started introducing them to the new content. Many left my list and stopped following. But there were far more joining me so I never felt the loss. It took about 18 months to fully get everyone on board with the new approach.

Figuring It Out – For 2 years I threw every program I could think of out to my audience. Some things worked others didn’t. And a few had so-so success. I call this my Test & Learn process. I kept the programs that worked. Ditched the ones that didn’t and then tweaked the so-so ones to see if I could make them winners. It took 3 years to find a solid, consistent model.

Growing The Audience – Ok, this worked surprisingly well. I grew my audience by creating a shit ton of content. Blogging twice per week. YouTube videos weekly. And when Periscope hit the scene, I was on twice per day. That was the biggest boom in terms of growing my community.

Getting Paid – Ok, this wasn’t as hard as I had thought. I started making “some” money quickly. The content that I created drew big crowds. Then it was a matter of converting them. First I did lots of Q & A, understood their challenges. Then customized a coaching program to solve their problems. To this day, it’s still my signature coaching program.

So that’s the formula in a nutshell. That’s how I reinvented myself! Now read, digest, implement and share!


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