Game ChangHER University

For Women Business Owners 


Let me start by saying I did not take the entrepreneurial leap, I was pushed! A series of catastrophic events in my life left me jobless (after massive layoffs) and caring for my now disabled father.

With all the demands Dad's care, a traditional job was out of the question. And I began my business out of a neccesity to earn an income while still caring for him. But in order to do both effectively, I had to create a unique business model and a brand that defied the odds. I had to CHANGE THE GAME. ...And that's how it all began.

About Game ChangHER University

The road to small business success is paved with mistakes and littered with obstacles that slow us down or stop our progress all together. As a veteran business owner, I know those challenges first hand. The struggles can be even greater when you or your business operate outside the range of "normal."

Game ChangHER University (GCU) is a training and education program designed to assist women in creating and maintaining successful businesses.

Class topics include:



  • Business Foundation
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Email Lists
  • Blogging

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