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Get In Your Feeelings… C’mon, I Dare You!

Get In Your Feeelings… C’mon, I Dare You!

Get In Your Feeelings… C’mon, I Dare You!

The other week I was having a debate with a friend who then said to me “get out of your feelings”! Ha! Clearly he forgot that I’m an emotional nudist. While I’m the first one to hit you with the latest urban slang, I must admit that I don’t always appreciate this phrase because it suggests that your emotional experience should be cut short.

Truth be told,  sometimes my decisions are 100% purely emotional! And I don’t feel inclined to justify my instincts with logic or cloud my decisions with statistics. I don’t need other people to understand “why” or validate my emotional state of being. At times I operate completely from a place of “what feels right” and that’s the beginning and the end of my reasoning.

I learned many years ago, that just because you can’t measure emotions doesn’t mean they aren’t a viable type of intelligence.  People often try to make our “feelings” the culprit.  But the problem is not what we “feel”,  the problem is how we REACT to what we feel.

So here it is, I challenge you to get all up in your feelings.  You see, understanding those feelings might lead to some break through in your behavior. Don’t let emotionally constipated people strip you of your complete emotional experience. Remember, you are entitled to your full range of emotions! Just because other people are uncomfortable with what you feel, doesn’t mean you have to cease having those feelings.


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