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Game ChangeHER: Grace Choi – Print Your Own Damn Makeup

Game ChangeHER: Grace Choi – Print Your Own Damn Makeup

Game ChangeHER: Grace Choi – Print Your Own Damn Makeup

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a kind of a gadget geek. I have found that technology is the coolest way to make my crazy life easier.  You might also have noticed that I really love makeup. So imagine my sheer excitement when I was introduced to the Mink 3D Make Up Printer invented by Harvard Biz School grad Grace Choi.  Before you get too excited, the printer is not on the market yet and is still in the prototype phase. But dag dabbit, I’m UBER excited.

Imagine the whole process being as simple as printing a document on your personal inkjet printer. The final product will retail for around $300 plus the cost of cartridges. I know I have about $2k worth of eyeshadow alone and I spend a couple hundred bucks in new colors every couple years or so when the trends change.  So imagine how much technology like this would save a chick like me.

Not only does the product make this idea a game changer, the marketing strategy is brilliant. Her target market are girls age 13-16. That’s the age when the little chicas first start experimenting with makeup and don’t have any solid habits formed yet.   I think Choi took a page from the McDonald’s “our customers grow with us” book.  GEEENIUS!!!

Lastly, the Mink Printer has infinite possibilities as Choi plans to expand beyond eyeshadow and also print foundation and lipstick. This is DEFINITELY one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas! Meanwhile, bet on the fact that I will be keeping my eyes peeled for this gadget at Wally-World or Target really soon!

Check out the video below and read more details on the TECH Crunch site.

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