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5 Things You MUST Consider When Negotiating Your International Speaking Fees

5 Things You MUST Consider When Negotiating Your International Speaking Fees

5 Things You MUST Consider When Negotiating Your International Speaking Fees

Over the past 60 days, I have two clients negotiate their fees for speaking abroad. It’s no secret that speakers aren’t getting paid what they used to and professional orators have to get creative about how they earn money from the stage. But there are a number of organizations that pay experts to travel internationally to share their expertise.

So if you are following my recommendations and creating a sh*t ton of content, and promoting the heck out of it. Then it won’t be long before foreign eyes find you online and ask you to come and share your knowledge with them. Another way to attract worldwide attention is to build a reputation for delivering great results consistently. Both of these strategies worked for my clients.

Chica #1 creates an obnoxious amount of YouTube content and Chica #2 has been delivering amazing results for her current clients. Both were referred to these gigs by folks seeking their specific expertise. When these ladies rang me up, I offered some advice that gave them the confidence to have kickass negotiations and land a dream working vacay.

There are some things you need to consider in addition to your actual fee. Here are a few gems I dropped on them.

  1. Airfare – be sure you request roundtrip airfare on a reputable airline. Don’t settle for an economic, bootleg airline.
  2. Ground Transportation – once you land, you will also need to be transported to your accommodations and to other places during your trip. Be sure that they provide this or include this in your daily stipend.
  3. Accommodations – be sure to clarify the quality of accommodations you expect. For example, you can say “3-star hotel or higher”. You can also specify things like “private bathroom required”.
  4. Food – get clear on how many meals per day your host will provide. Two Meals is customary. Be sure to add the costs of food and snacks to your daily stipend. Make the amount bigger or smaller depending on the number of meals provided.
  5. Rider Agreement – If you have special requests for ANYTHING from food to audio/visual needs to goose down pillows, you should place this in the RIDER of your Speakers Contract.

Now you know what they say. If you STAY ready, you don’t have to get ready. And I would love to help you get ready with my GET BOOKED TEMPLATE BUNDLE which includes a speakers kit template and speakers contract with that Rider Agreement I mentioned earlier. This is one sure fire way to capture and apply of all the advice that I dropped in this post.

And on that note, I think I will skedaddle. Catch ya on the flip side!

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