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Keep Eating Your Fear Until It Tastes Good [VIDEO]

Keep Eating Your Fear Until It Tastes Good [VIDEO]

Keep Eating Your Fear Until It Tastes Good [VIDEO]

About a month ago, I was honored to be the featured guest on #MentorMonday with Paul Brunson offering up my usual slice of branding pie. It was a grand old time! If you don’t already know about Paul’s #MentorMonday, then I highly recommend you check it out and follow the hashtag!  Now back to the point of the post.

Just before I signed off from the interview, I decided to leave the audience with one simple tip “Keep eating your fear until it tastes good!” Since my appearance on #MentorMonday, I have been bombarded with emails and comments regarding my statement, so I decided to expand on the origin of my thought process. Hope you catch my drift and start eating your fear today! By the way if you want to see the entire interview, CLICK BELOW!


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