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Win Free Coffee For A Year: #McCafeGrind Photo Contest

Win Free Coffee For A Year: #McCafeGrind Photo Contest

Win Free Coffee For A Year: #McCafeGrind Photo Contest

Hey Game ChangHERs!  I’m always talking about making big moves and getting your grind on! I mean how else will be “change the game”?  Well, I’m about to help you take your respective grind to the next level.  I’ve partnered with Mommy Noire and McDonald’s McCafe to bring you a some epic ish! Can you say #McCafeGrind Team?! Ohhh Yeah! I’m joining 4 other fabulous ladies  who seriously get their grind on! Shout out to Trina Baldwin, Somaya Reece, Mia Ray and Kim Osorio. As part of the #McCafe Grind Team I have 2 promotions to share with you.



Just go in to any McDonalds during breakfast hours from Sept. 16 – 29th and get a free small cup of coffee.  That’s it! That’s all you need to do. BAM! You’re Welcome!


Yup, you read/ heard it correctly. You can win – one free cup of coffee weekly for a year!!!  Thanks to my peeps over at  Mommy Noire and McDonald’s McCafe, I’m running a #McCafeGrind Photo Contest for my followers, that means YOU!

Here are the deets: 

I’m going to choose ONE winner per day from Sept. 16 – 29 (2014). That means 14 Game ChangHERs will WIN! In order to be considered for the opportunity to win one free cup of coffee every single week for a year, you are required to follow ALL of the contest rules below!

#McCafeGrind Team Photo Contest Rules

STEP 1 – Send me a photo (@JaiStone): Send me a pic via Instagram(@JaiStone) or Twitter(@JaiStone) showing me how you get your grind on!  You can send me photos of you at work or play as long at they are related to your hustle. If you really want to win, IMPRESS ME! 

STEP 2 – Hashtag it up: You must use the following hashtags with your pic. #McCafeGrind #MommyNoire #GameChangHER

STEP 3 – Follow the leaders: You must follow these accounts on Twitter @McDscene, @MommyNoire and @JaiStone

STEP 4 – Only one entry per day: You can only submit ONE entry per day to be considered for the prize.

Now that you know how to roll, I want to see those pics flowing in. C’mon, show me how you grind!


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