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Game ChangHER: Not Your Average Relationship Coach – Meet Emma J. Wallace

Game ChangHER: Not Your Average Relationship Coach – Meet Emma J. Wallace

Game ChangHER: Not Your Average Relationship Coach – Meet Emma J. Wallace

So I met my little “spark plug” of a relationship coach buddy Emma J. when she was a blogger over at a relationship website that I managed.  I always admired her topics and ideas and soon enough we took our girl chatter offline. To my surprise and delight, the same perky spirit that I had gleaned in her blog posts radiated both over the phone and in person.

The thing that struck me most about Emma J. is her candor.  Y’all KNOW I love that sort of thing.  Kind of lets a sista know where she stands at all times.  So without taking up too much more of your brain space, scroll down and read a lil more about Mrs. Emma J. Wallace.


Emma J. Wallace —  Not Your Average Relationship Coach

Emma received a Master’s in Professional Community Counseling from the University of West Georgia and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Studying behaviors and relating to others on a deeper level is what sparked her interest in relationships. She discovered that too many people are unaware that their own thoughts and behaviors are keeping them from the kind of love they desire and she was determined to do something about it.

Known for her ability to use her keen intuition, compassion, and understanding she has a bottom line approach that people value when it comes to giving honest advice. She wastes no time helping those who have lost hope when it comes to love.

As a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Emma is experienced in getting to the root of the issue no matter what capacity she is working in. She is committed to helping you make the changes that could transform your love life with her powerful coaching style. Whether one-on-0ne or couples coaching, Emma will deliver priceless gem’s of wisdom to not only help those in love but in life as well. If you are willing to learn, trust, and have faith that you can make the changes you need to achieve balance in your life or experience the healthy relationship you always dreamed of, then Emma will help you build up the confidence and gain the clarity you need to achieve those results.

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