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I’ve Got A Secret: My Convo With Kirsty Spraggon

I’ve Got A Secret: My Convo With Kirsty Spraggon

I suppose you might have guessed by now that I am a massive Twitter fan (@JaiStone). I can go down a list of reasons, but I’m going to get to my FAVORITE reason for hanging in the twitterverse so much. It’s because I get to meet amazing people like this week’s Naked Courage guest Kirsty Spraggon.

I was introduced to the Talk Show Host turned TEDx Speaker via a mutual Twiend (that’s twitter friend in case you missed it). Anyhow, I saw a clip of twitter buddy @KenLikeBarbie on KirstyTV and I’m not sure if it was the Aussie accent or her warm personality that pulled me in, but I was hooked.

Fast forward a few months and Kirsty floored me again with the gripping vulnerability that I experienced from watching her TEDx speech. Naturally I’m going to share that video with you, and after that, feel free to scroll down and read her official bio.

Kirsty Spraggon attacks life like it’s a chocolate cake. She is the Executive Producer & Host of KirstyTV. An international speaker, author & entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. With 18 years experience in every facet of the sales industry, her outstanding career saw her ranked in the top one percent of individuals in RE/MAX’s global network of 121,000 sales agents worldwide.

Her online show, KirstySpraggonTV, has close to 100,000 views in just over six months. She recently spoke at TEDx and is here to share her journey to vulnerability.


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