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Game ChangHER: Game, Set, Match – Meet The Matchmaking DUO

Game ChangHER: Game, Set, Match – Meet The Matchmaking DUO

Game ChangHER: Game, Set, Match – Meet The Matchmaking DUO

Meet The Matchmaking DUO

It’s always exciting to find new ways to connect with others and find love, and it’s not uncommon to hire a professional matchmaker. But what if you could double your investment?  Meet “The Matchmaking DUO,” a pair of professional matchmakers based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

For more than a decade, Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore have been lucky enough to call themselves friends. They first met when they were paired together by a previous employer who recognized their ability to take a dual approach to connecting with high-profile servicing clients. So it’s no surprise that they would eventually go in to business together. Kelli and Tana embrace their differences and attribute much of their success to the duality in their approach to business and life.

The DUO focuses on helping their clients find and sustain long-term love. The ladies pride themselves on intentionally avoiding the “meat market” style of matchmaking; opting for a more deliberate, tailor-made program. They say  “we are willing to painstakingly sift through dozens of prospects in favor of finding our clients a prime match.”

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