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Never Ever Forget Your Why! Meet My Daddy [VIDEO]

Never Ever Forget Your Why! Meet My Daddy [VIDEO]

Never Ever Forget Your Why! Meet My Daddy [VIDEO]

WARNING: I shot this video outside in natural light with NO makeup! Sometimes being an emotional nudist is about taking risks (insert cackling laughter here). Note to self: Never eat a boat load of chocolate 2 days before shooting a video or risk having a giant zit-fest on your face).

A few days ago I was taking my Dad to the doctor for his monthly visit. Pop is a quadriplegic that has been wheelchair bound for nearly 15 years. My sister and I (along with 2 nurses) care for him at home. Due to the severity of his paralysis, Dad requires extensive medical care, and I take him to this particular doctor on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  Yup, that’s the middle of the week, and the middle of the day… every single month. THIS is my why! I need flexibility and financial stability in order to sustain my family so we can provide this quality of care for my father.

Daddy always looks forward to his doctor’s visit with me because its the only time he has my undivided attention for more than 10 minutes. I’m always buzzing about headed to this event, or that meeting or just too plum tired to carry on a decent conversation. But once a month, we spend this bonding time together.  He especially likes our regular visits to Chick-Fil-A afterwards.

As we rode the 25 minutes to the doctor, Daddy asked about a few of my friends from college, then complained about how noisy the new washer is (you know the elderly have to have at least ONE complaint in every conversation).  Then Dad asked something that caught me a little off guard. After a long quiet pause, ok, during the time I might have been focused on taking a new short cut and not getting us lost. Anyhoo, during that pause, he put on his best southern drawl and asked “Howwws yo bizzzzness goin?”.

His thoughtful question caught me off guard because Dad and I rarely talk about my business. Not because he is not interested, but because I don’t want to him to worry too much. Besides, when I’m with him… I just like to “turn it off” and unplug from the daily grind. I smiled at how considerate his polite inquiry was.  Then I responded with a few details about only the good things (I never share my challenges with him).  I heard him breath a sigh of relief then say “I prays for your bizness every day” (yep he said pray with an “s” – it’s a southern farm boy raised during The Great Depression thing). My heart nearly exploded. I had not realized how concerned and emotionally attached he was to my success.  C’mon, say it with me.. “awwwww”.

My whole point to this post is sharing my “why”. My Daddy is my why. He’s the reason I work 18 hour days and reason my rates are not negotiable. A couple months back, I had a potential client ask me to reduce my costs by about 50% . Her reasoning was that she was using “household” money.  Let me be clear here, I would never ever ask someone to sacrifice the needs of their family for coaching. Likewise, I would not sacrifice the needs of my family to support their dream. My advice to those who are facing a similar challenge is find a different way to finance your aspirations, but never ask anyone else to compromise THEIR why to accommodate your why.


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7 thoughts on “Never Ever Forget Your Why! Meet My Daddy [VIDEO]
  1. Jennifer Kennedy says:

    Love this, Jai! I’ve been watching your videos for a few months now, but this is my first time commenting.

    My WHY is for freedom — time and lifestyle freedom. I realized early on that I didn’t want to help others pursue their dreams. I wanted to be actively pursuing mine. I’m working for location independence and freedom to do with my time what I want.

    Love your energy.

  2. Tana Gilmore says:

    Hey Jay Steezy! I have just now had the opportunity to watch this video and comment. I love the raw authenticity that you bring and my why is: I am creating a legacy for my family. I am charged with sharing my gifts with the world. That is what I have been called to do! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Sarah Nedda Page says:

    Baby Girl,Your “why” and what motivates it are true to your homegrown values.People know that nothing is free in this world but will try you to satisfy their needs.. When they have gone through the challenges that you have gone through to get to where you now are; maybe then, they will come to appreciate the struggle while going after the prize.

  4. Sista42 says:

    Jai, Thank you so much for sharing your Why with us..I appreciate your authenticity and totally admire your Why, imparting your gifts to help others in their journey. Before I listened to the video I thought by reading the comments I would get the idea of what was going on and share my Why. ..WRONG….Short cuts are at times shortcomings or in this case for me. .So I went back and took the time to watch and listen to the video…How Awesome and may God continue to bless your Dad and family. Family is truly important and when you have little to no family support it stifles you and really makes it that much more difficult to find a Why. .Even as I write I feel stumped not really knowing what my Why is, not the typical Why that is what makes a responsible adult like raising and taking care of your children, being the best daughter etc..I read these in some of the comments and immediately identified. However for me it felt generic and not organic because I’ve been the primary care giver most of my life. I was exposed to responsibilities at a young age and had to grow up and learn fast. Caring for others is what I do best and have for the most part been the go to person in my family. Never really put much time a So I guess I have put so much time, energy and focus on others I truly am strugglin, care nor attention to myself.So I am stuck with the question “What Is My WHY “…So I am committed to exploring this question and making a promise and commitment to myself to return with another comment to share my Why.
    Thank you again and every one who shared, it gives me hope.


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