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Top 3 Ways To Position Your Self As An Authority

Top 3 Ways To Position Your Self As An Authority

Top 3 Ways To Position Your Self As An Authority

I have had tons and I do mean tons of media coverage. And I have turned down, even more, opportunities than that. While media appearances are great for establishing credibility, they don’t necessarily position you as an authority. For example, 98% of my media appearances are related to my personal stories or struggles. My career is barely even mentioned in the media. It is only when people Google me that they realize my professional expertise. And what do people find when they Google me? They discover the top 3 ways that I use to position myself as an authority.

  1. Create Original Content – I have a sh*t ton of videos on YouTube (mostly thanks to Periscope). These videos give viewers insight into my personality and my knowledge. It’s the online version of up close and personal.
  2. Speak At Live Events – Once people have seen my videos on YouTube, they will often book me to speak at a live event. They already have a good feel for what I might be like on stage just by watching the videos. No matter if I am a keynote or a panelist, I get the opportunity to shine and showcase my expertise and my personality.
  3. Write A Book – Physical books carry the most credibility so that’s what I recommend. It’s a lot easier than it sounds. It doesn’t have to be a freaking dictionary. In fact, it can be pocket size. The point is that anyone who goes through the trouble and expense of putting knowledge into print must really know their sh*t. Or at least that is how most people see it. Even if it takes you some time to get it done, it will be well worth the effort.

Remember that people want to buy from experts, so position yourself for success.  Circle back next week and we will break down exactly how to accomplish all 3 of these strategies.

Jai Stone (Master Brand Coach)

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Jai Stone, is a business lifestyle strategist and the founder of the Emotional Nudity Lifestyle and Game ChangHER University. She is also a highly syndicated blogger who has been featured in Essence Magazine, Huffington Post and on BET. She is currently a regular contributor to

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