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Game ChangHER Spotlight: Kathleen Collins Williams (NightLife Hair Wrap)

Game ChangHER Spotlight: Kathleen Collins Williams (NightLife Hair Wrap)

Game ChangHER Spotlight: Kathleen Collins Williams (NightLife Hair Wrap)

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of attending Tori Johnson’s Spark & Hustle conference here in Atlanta and I happened to end up sitting at a table with a warm and friendly spirited by the name of Kathleen. As you might know, I’m an extreme introvert, so sometimes it takes me a minute to warm  up to strangers. As I sat back observing the crowd watching women buzz around giving their best chest thumping elevator pitch, I noticed that Kathleen was more interested in finding out about other folks than promoting herself.  THAT got my attention, and we started to chat. To my delight, she turned out to be an absolutely awesome lady with awesome ideas and a super awesome product called NightLife Hair Wrap (more about that in a little bit).

After the event, Kathleen followed up with me just to keep in touch and followed me on social media.  A few months later, I was speaking at the Refresh With Ekene conference when I happened spot a familiar face in the audience. It was Kathleen! She had seen the event promo on my Twitter feed and decided to attend AND sponsor the event.

So in case you didn’t pick up on it yet, Kathleen has a very distinct quality that I admire. Did you guess yet?  She is a relationship builder! BEFORE she tells you about her amazing product, she takes and interest in yours. BEFORE she asks for support, she offers it. BEFORE she looks for ANYTHING from you, she takes the time to know and understand you!  And THAT is one of the reasons I chose Kathleen for the Game ChangHER Spotlight.  Read more about her story below!


The NightLife Hair Wrap Story

Kathleen Collins Williams, creator and designer of The Nightlife Hair Wrap, was blessed with the idea to create a more stylish and comfortable wrap after a funny conversation with her hairdresser. The conversation that started it all concerned hair wraps and plenty of jokes and disparaging comments told about the unattractive hair wraps that most women use. Media personalities, friends and family alike all seemed to turn their nose up at that old image of the woman in the frumpy bonnet, ugly nightie and terrible bed shoes. All jokes aside, Kathleen realized there was a desperate need for better hair wear.

Nightlife Hair Wraps are designed to keep you confident, keep your hair healthy and make sure you look good even when your head hits the pillow. Women of all ethnic backgrounds want to look their best night and day. These beautiful wraps were created to offer women a much needed alternative to the everyday hair ‘rag’.

NightLife Hair Wraps are stylish enough to wear to the gym, the grocery store, and anywhere else you need to go. Choose a style that works for you and turn every errand, nap or workout into a practice in beauty

It’s simple, really: we combine the best materials with the best styles to make sure you get the best out of every slumber, work out and just general down time. Whether you’re relaxing after work or just out for a morning jog, there’s a great hair wrap to keep you (and your hair) covered. The colors are vibrant and royal to make you feel like the queen you are. The easy Velcro closures make the wrap hold to the head. There are different styles for different hair lengths so that you have your choice in how you look and what that look does for you.

To find out more about NightLife Hair Wrap visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter…. don’t forget the hashtag #NightLifeHairWrap


*Disclosure: NightLife Hair Wrap is a sponsor of the Game ChangHER Brunch .  This sponsored post is part of the sponsorship package, however I am a fan of this product,  and all opinions are my own.*
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