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Stop Apologizing And Start Living

Stop Apologizing And Start Living

Stop Apologizing And Start Living

“She said you don’t LOOK like a Marketing Guru, and she could never imagine doing business with you!” said Alicia in a matter-of-fact tone as we waited to board our flight.  She was speaking about the VP of a Fortune 500 company that I had wanted to do business with.  As I watched my friend’s mouth moving, my brain went numb.  When I refocused, I asked “Well how EXACTLY does a Marketing Guru look??!!”.  Alicia raised her eyebrows then stated firmly “Well, not like that!”, then gestured at me up and down with her hand.  “I know you are sick, but DAMN!!” she quipped.

I have no idea what else she said, I just remember having a sinking feeling in my belly. I also remember wanting apologize to both Alicia AND the VP for my frazzled appearance.  After 3 days of wrestling with a serious bout of food poisoning I was exhausted, dehydrated and barely able to dress myself.  I had slid into a pair of red sweats and I managed to get my hair into a disheveled make-shift pony tail on top of my head.  That drained the bit of energy that I had left.  I was even escorted to the boarding gate in a wheel chair because my legs were still wobbly.  And yet I still felt the need to apologize for falling short.

NL_jai_headerAllow me to introduce myself, I’m Jai Stone, founder of the Emotional Nudity Lifestyle and up until 6 years ago I had spent the majority of my life apologizing for who I am.  Always feeling unaccepted, was a pattern and it left me with a pretty hefty dose of self hate.  When I set out to find healing the first thing I learned was to find spaces where I was safe, where I could look and feel like a ‘Hot Ass Mess’ and still be treated with love kindness and respect.  That concept has become one of the guiding principles of the ENL brand.

It was only when I stopped apologizing for who I was, that I was able to embrace the woman I was called to be.

I have finally begun what I believe to be my true life’s purpose and I’m UBER proud to be sharing this moment with you!!  Today is first day of the rest of my Emotionally Nude life, I want to invite you to join me on the journey to strip naked too!

Thanks again for stopping by for attending the NO FEAR NO APOLOGIES VIRTUAL CONFERENCE.  I hope you have a blast!!

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