Find Your 6 Figure Story

It's Closer Than You Think 

Sharing your personal story is the fastest way to build trust and get potential customers to like you simultaneously.  THE DAYS IF HIDING BEHIND A CAREFULLY CRAFTED PERSONA ARE OVER!  Your clients want to see and know the REAL you, they want to get personal.  Sharing my story has not only gotten me national media coverage and paid speaking gigs, it has also increased my reach to potential clients and makes them more willing to pay top dollar for my services.
1 THREE HOUR Session (1 on 1) covering:

  • Framing Excerpts Of Your Story
  • Identifying Your Tribe
  • Identifying Your Powerful Aha Moments
  • Creating a viral blog post
  • My secret tips on getting national media exposure
  • Coaching on leveraging existing media exposure
If you have additional questions, please email me at if you have additional questions.