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Badass Brand: Zero to 60 NASCAR Tour Case Study

Badass Brand: Zero to 60 NASCAR Tour Case Study

International Speedway Corporation (ISC) and Contracts & Grants solicited the services of Images USA and me to help increase minority participation in NASCAR. My Challenge: NASCAR is a traditionally non-minority sport. I worked with my strategic partners to devise the following objectives. –To increase minority exposure to NASCAR by leveraging relationships between high profile minority […]

Badass Brand: Chase Austin (NASCAR Driver) Case Study

Client Profile: NASCAR driver Chase Austin became the youngest driver ever to sign with a NASCAR team at the early age of 14. Now 18, Austin has faced struggles in finding a home with a driving team and sponsorship support. My Challenge: Despite his major accomplishments Austin remained unknown to the general market. I was […]

Jai Stone Speaks out about diversity in NASCAR

And even with Chase Austin's career advancement on hold, there is hope for major financial backing for Chase Austin, with help from The Brand Coach.