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ENL is 6 Months Old – Thank Y’all So Much! [VIDEO]

ENL is 6 Months Old – Thank Y’all So Much! [VIDEO]

It takes a village to raise a brand and on June 1, 2012 the Emotional Nudity Lifestyle turned 6 months old. Before then it was a concept and a hashtag. It’s amazing how much support comes from pockets of people and individuals who want to see you succeed. Here is a shout out to a few of those folks.

Blogging Community: 
Blogalicious is a big part of my blogging community. Blogalicious Weekend is THE go-to destination for influential multicultural women social media enthusiasts from all over the world.

My Coaches: 

Liberated Bitches

  • Katrina M. Harrell – Business Strategist
  • Akilah Richards – Life Design Coach

My Mastermind Group:

Charles Major, Brand Positioning Consultant and author of Become A Mogul

Lamar Tyler of Black and Married With Kids

Matthew Lee of The Path to Home Ownership Blueprint

Anthony Fraiser and James Lopez of The Phat Startup


LaShanda Henry of (who incidentally introduced me to Lamar Tyler, Blogalicous and Katrina M. Harrell)

Rosemay Jones of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Syndicated Posts: 

Appearance with Bishop T.D. Jakes




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