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Still Focused On Getting UN-fat: A Shout Out To Micah Lancaster!

Still Focused On Getting UN-fat: A Shout Out To Micah Lancaster!

If you have been following my Fitness Journey (or as I say… my quest to get UN-fat),  you might have noticed that I haven’t had any consistent results.  There have been lots of factors that have a affected those results, but the real challenge is to not get frustrated and give up.  Especially since I have such a results driven personality (insert the word PERFECTIONIST here).  It’s really tough when I am doing all the right things (or so I think) and I don’t  get the kind of results that I want, as quickly as I want.  I start to think “all this blood, sweat and sacrifice is for what??!!!” Well usually, this is about the time where I give up…. usually!


Call it maturity, call it dedication, call it having a better support system.  But giving up hasn’t even crossed my mind this time around! In fact… I’ve decided to go at it even harder.  I guess that I finally recognized that giving up only sets me back twice as far, and frustrates me twice as much.  This time I have decided to push past all the hard sh*t, the complaints and the  “I don’t want to’s”, cause in the end, those things haven’t served me.  So how did I go harder? I started to tackle my obstacles one at a time.

One struggle I had was about my workout regimen, not having enough time in the day to get work done.  Well that was because I started mid-morning, holding strong to the fact that I’m not a morning person.  Then it dawned on me that I wasn’t going to get REAL results being who I had always been.  So two weeks ago I decided to start an hour earlier to give me more time during the day to complete tedious tasks.  The next challenge I had was being so blasted tired after my workout that I needed a nap.  So I set out to find a natural energy booster (I will keep you posted on that one).  I think you see my pattern here, I found a solutions to every challenge that had made me to want to give up.  I had to move from having a problematic mindset to being solution oriented.


So next week, I kick up my number of workouts from 3 to 5 days a week.  I’m not going to lie, part of me was dreading it… maybe a little pissed off even.  Then the other day, I saw this phenomenal video featuring Micah Lancaster that made me really question my level of dedication to my fitness journey.  You see the physical limitations of my obesity are in many ways like being blind, and I had to ask myself how much I really wanted to “see”?  How much do I want to live my life in full color with out the fog of fat that keeps me from breathing and living freely.  How much do I want to look at the world through eyes that aren’t chubby challenged?  How badly do I want my curves to be my asset and not my baggage?  The answer is PRETTY DAMN BADLY!!!

Like I said earlier… giving up has not even crossed my mind this go round.  But I do want to take about minute to shout out Mr. Micah Lancaster for being one of the catalysts that made me decide to go even harder!

Check out Micha’s video, and then decide how badly you want to “SEE”.  Also, you can follow my fitness journey on Facebook at and Twitter & Instagram by following the #supportJAI hashtag.



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