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Triple Threat: Death To The Tri-fold Brochure

Triple Threat: Death To The Tri-fold Brochure

Triple Threat: Death To The Tri-fold Brochure

I’ve noticed that most small businesses and start-ups put forth great effort to appear stable and established in order to solidify their brand reputation.  But often times service providers have a ‘tell’ that lets potential customers know they are dealing with a newbie .  For example, business cards printed at home (yes, we can always tell), a Yahoo email address or … a tri-fold brochure.  No matter how great your company or service may be, these small snafus will likely cause alarm for a new prospect.

Marketing Faux Pas

While the printed tri-fold brochure has long been a primary communication tool, but in recent years the layout style has become a marketing faux pas.  We live in a microwave society where consumers want to get information at a glance. That means your clients will be looking for a Visual Snapshot that tells them what they need to know within seconds. It would be a big risk to assume that someone will take the time to comb through the folds of a page just to find out what you do, and how your services can benefit them.

The Visual Snapshot

If you are wondering what a Visual Snapshot is, then imagine yourself in line at the supermarket.  When you glance at the magazines on the shelf next to you in line, you immediately make a decision on whether or not to buy, just by looking at the cover.   Think about it, we don’t flip through the whole magazine THEN decide to buy it, we are usually sold just by what is on the cover.  The primary purpose is to grab the attention of the viewer and make them curious enough to buy.  Your marketing material should work the same way!


I’m sure by now you are wonder what could possibly replace a printed tri-fold brochure?  Well there are are number of options in both print and electronic format.

  • A 2-sided data sheet (print or electronic)
  • A single web page
  • An Apple or Android App
  • An over-sized post card (for trade shows and conferences)


There are still however a few uses for the good old tri-fold (besides as the occasional bookmark).  The old stand-by is great for communicating detailed information or instructions to an existing client about a new product or service.  Otherwise, R.I.P. Mr. Tri-fold.

Happy Branding Everyone!


Jai Stone (Master Brand Coach)
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