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How The Couples Therapy TV Show Helped Me Tune Back In To My Marriage

How The Couples Therapy TV Show Helped Me Tune Back In To My Marriage

How The Couples Therapy TV Show Helped Me Tune Back In To My Marriage

When my husband told me about this new reality show called Couples Therapy my first thought was, “I only make time for Scandal!”  Then I was like wait, isn’t that the show with Flavor Flav?! Nope, I will pass.  Then he mentioned that one of his favorite rappers, Ghostface Killah, was going to be on this season; and he sparked my attention. See, I am a Wu Tang forever fan (although Method Man is my favorite). So I decided, what the heck, it should be entertaining to say the least. Another factor was that me and my husband hadn’t done many regularly scheduled “couple things,” since our kids were born.

When the time to watch the show arrived, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get in on some Twitter action.  Did I mention that I LOVE live tweeting?!  At first I was turned off by some of the negative comments I read, but then I got turned on because my husband became keenly interested in something that was exciting to me. So check it, he showed up for our next “Couples Therapy Date”  with his laptop and smart phone in tow.  Yup, homie did that!

As usual, we sat on opposite couches but this time we were talking, laughing… feeling very connected.  For the first time in a long while we were actually enjoying each other’s company!  An when I managed to get my Twitter ramblings retweeted by Dr. Jenn Berman (the main therapist on the show) I was ecstatic.  Seeing how happy that made me, my husband stated calmly, “that’s cool babe.”  It was a double win because I sensed something deep and rich behind his measured reply.


By the following week, my other half, also known as “babe” started confirming our date night in advance.  I couldn’t believe it; this was the man who doesn’t remember anything unless it’s in his smart phone.  I was shocked, touched and really happy on the inside.  Who woulda thunk that just watching reality television could bring a degree of intimacy to our relationship?

I couldn’t help but think if a show reality show  can help us find better personal connections, maybe we could all stand to tune in more.  At least given the right kind of show. I mean in this case, a reality show made a real change in the real life of a real couple. At least the concept is worth exploring.

Until next time, keep living and keep loving…  Sharisse T. (@SharisseTracey)


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