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5 Reasons To Use UGLY Photos To Grow Your Brand

5 Reasons To Use UGLY Photos To Grow Your Brand

5 Reasons To Use UGLY Photos To Grow Your Brand

Confession #128, I’m a recovering Photoshop abuser.  I spent a big part of my career trying to create the PERFECT professional image.  I spent hours editing imperfections and blemishes in all my photos trying to make sure every photo I posted was juuuust right.  The one thing I had learned about working in the marketing industry is that you had to “look the part”.  But that was all before the  dawn and total domination of social media.


I remember being really proud to post my glamorous head shot as my social media avatar (see above). That was until I met a few folks for the first time IRL (in real life) who stated “oh, you don’t look like your picture online”.  I thought (and still think) the photo TOTALLY looks like me, but I guess you can’t argue with the feedback.  Alas there is much to be said for professional photographers and glam squads.

While I didn’t change my avatar picture right away, I did come the quick realization that I needed to post more not-so-perfect photos of me.  And so I did!  All jokes aside, some of the new photos that I posted were errrr, unflattering, ohhh let’s cut the sh*t, they were flat out “ugly”!  And then I had the audacity to  post unaltered videos as well.  To my surprise, the “ugly photos” and videos got more videos that my polished ones.  Maybe it was because I was more relaxed, or perhaps the content connected better with viewers.  Either way, it was a big lesson in understanding… “you don’t always have to be perfect, you just have to show up!”.  Check out the video below that I did last week on this subject.

Nowadays when I feel inspired to post a photo or a video, I don’t always reach for my makeup kit. I grab the camera, point and shoot.  Sometimes I would rather spend focus on my message than my makeup. This allows me to make a better connection with my tribe and build trust more quickly.

Now that you know how UGLY PHOTOS worked for me, here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t hesitate to post ugly photos too.

  1. You Seem More Human – The last thing you want is to appear super perfect. It makes you perfectly UNrelate-able.
  2. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously – Finding humor in your flaws gives others permission to embrace their own. It shows others that you fully embrace life!
  3. Battle Being A Perfectionist –  If you are a perfectionist or recovering perfectionist this exercise is a MUST for you. Sometimes you have to let go of the need to be perfect in order to make progress.
  4. It’s Part of Your Story – Good days, bad days, scars, imperfections are all part of our story. You should never be ashamed to show the visible signs of your journey.
  5. It Builds Trust  I have intentionally created a brand that doesn’t require me to look perfect all the time.  Newsflash: Even when I’m NOT wearing makeup, I’m still a brand expert. People trust me because of my knowledge, not my eyeshadow.  My willingness to shed my perfect image shows them that I have nothing to hide.

Ok, don’t get it twisted, I wear makeup in the majority of my photos and videos because I simply like a “finished” look.  And maybe there is a small part of me that is a bit arrogant about my appearance (yep, she thinks she’s cute).  But the main reason is that I’m a professional.  Sometimes it’s important to make a distinctly professional impression, other times you just need to show up and deliver.  Don’t let you need to be perfect keep you from executing!


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