Emotional Nudity

The Lifestyle 

ENL Origins:

The phrase Emotional Nudity was the brainchild of ENL's Founder, Jai Stone, who once passionately described "true love" as the ability to be TOTALLY naked with your partner in every way and feeling completely accepted, even with your flaws.  She went on to explain that she expected not only physical intimacy, but financial transparency and emotional nudity as well.   The phrase became part of Stone's regular vocabulary and always seemed to resonate with her audience.

Jai prides herself on owning her own shit and working to repair her dysfunctional behaviors.  In 2008, Stone started to chronicle her personal journey through blogging. Since the writing was therapeutic, Jai had not anticipated the instant and devout following that seemingly grew overnight.  But it would be another five years before Stone decided to take a leap of faith and follow her calling by launching the Emotional Nudity Lifestyle Brand.

The Definition:

Emotional Nudity is a lifestyle brand that encourages women to choose their own path to Authentic Joy.  In most cases that path is blocked by a monumental amount of obstacles starting with the ones we have created or failed to remove ourselves.  ENL's focus is to provide motivation, support and resources for women who are ready to be introspective, own their shit and do the hard work to repair their entire being.

You Should Follow ENL If:

  • You have baggage that you want to dump
  • You are willing to work your ass off to personalize your happiness
  • You are willing to take responsibility and ownership of your flaws
  • You want to learn the values and benefits of self acceptance
  • You are willing to come out of hiding and get naked about your shit
  • The brand was created primarily for women, but anyone ready for the Naked Truth can jump on this ride!

WARNING: This is an "Own Your Own Shit" Zone.

My Mission:

To help women find and embark on their path to Authentic Joy through programs, coaching and events. To support them in moving forward without fear, guilt or apologies.

The Lifestyle:

Each of us is uniquely designed for a distinct, pre-destined existence.  The challenge is that most of us have no clue how to find that destiny, so we flutter about attaching ourselves to things and people that propel us in the wrong direction.  The truth is most of us lack the courage, the knowledge and the support required to reach our actual potential and design our ideal lives. We are often prisoners to jobs, finances and even relationships that suppress our natural desire to do what we are called to do.

The Emotional Nudity Lifestyle requires that you take an open and honest look at your life and your desires and then create a personalized path that suits you.  There are 6 Life Zones that determine our directional compass, and once our direction is clarified  we gravitate towards people and places where we are no longer simply tolerated but warmly embraced. The Personal Compass gives us permission to move forward without fear or apologies.

The Benefits:

Once you adapt the Emotional Nudity Lifestyle you will:

  • Achieve a higher state of emotional wellness
  • Accomplish healthier personal and professional relationships
  • Gain financial independence and security
  • Highly improved health and fitness
  • Experience sustained spiritual growth
  • Gain clarity around your career and professional choices
  • Embrace overall happiness about your life and decisions