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Badass Brand: Zero to 60 NASCAR Tour Case Study

Badass Brand: Zero to 60 NASCAR Tour Case Study

Badass Brand: Zero to 60 NASCAR Tour Case Study

International Speedway Corporation (ISC) and Contracts & Grants solicited the services of Images USA and me to help increase minority participation in NASCAR.

My Challenge:

NASCAR is a traditionally non-minority sport. I worked with my strategic partners to devise the following objectives.

To increase minority exposure to NASCAR by leveraging relationships between high profile minority personalities in government, politics, corporate, sports, and entertainment industries.

To introduce to minority owned businesses and executives the opportunity they have to advertise and conduct business in NASCAR and that there is interest from existing sponsors such as LifeLock in engaging them in business to business opportunities.

To show these personalities how and why the track is a great place to do business and provides a great family atmosphere.

The Strategy:
I worked with my partners to create complimentary tours of the tracks owned by ISC.The team secured sponsorships to offset the costs. The program was designed to allow the full ‘track experience’ to new visitors.
Tours included:
  • Transportation – Tour Bus to and from locations
  • Track Tour – A pit tour to view cars and drivers preparing to race and the vendor and display area
  • Reception – Attendees receive lunch in the hospitality area with variety of speakers and drivers that come forward to present topics such as NASCAR
  • 101 and business opportunities within motorsports.
  • The Race – Participants are given complimentary tickets with seats that range from corporate suites to the finish line.


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