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10 Reasons You Should Attend #PeriCON16 And Chillax w/ Jai Stone

10 Reasons You Should Attend #PeriCON16 And Chillax w/ Jai Stone

10 Reasons You Should Attend #PeriCON16 And Chillax w/ Jai Stone

We are about 33 days away,  and we’re already doing the booty dance getting ready for #PeriCON16. Sure we’ve been to our fair share of smaller conference events, but this one is the like the SUPERBOWL, all-star team and errrrythang! In case you’ve been missing our Facebook and Instagram posts, emails, tweets, Periscope broadcasts, numerous media appearances, smoke signals or have been under a pretty big  rock for the past few weeks, and you have no idea the bloody ell (insert British accent) PeriCON is, no worries, we’re gonna break it down for ya!


PeriCON is the premier business conference of the southeast for lean startups and bootstrap entrepreneurs. So if you are a lean, mean hustling machine who started your business with a laptop and a dream, then this event is for you! The top business owners in the industry have all assembled at the request of Jai Stone with one goal in mind! To bring their A-game and help you find your best game so we can all go hard and win big! You can find the all-star list of speakers HERE and peep the cutting edge training sessions HERE! But before you do that, let us just give you 10 reason why you should attend!

10. You get to chillax with Jai Stone, founder of PeriCON!

You might think that #TeamJAI is a bit biased when we tell you this dynamic lady is nothing short of amazing. Well urrr, maybe we are!  But if you check out the roster, then it seems several other folks agree with us! You see, the majority of speakers at this event are not only power players, they are also a part of Jai’s elite inner circle! Why do all the major players want to hang with Jai? Because she is this excitingly odd combination of a laid back, powerhouse with a twist of white collar and a smidgen of urban chic all rolled into one. She’s just something you have to experience yourself!

9. You can come to the “A” to play!(The A is also referred to as Atlanta, HOTlanta or the A.T.L.) 

Our PeriCON peeps have their pre and post conference plans made! They attend the conference, soak up all the epic content then go live it up in the city! Check out the cool THINGS TO DO in Atlanta.

8. This conference is for execution not hype!

This ain’t your mama’s motivational, fluff and fold conference. This is an event where you need bring your motivation with you and come ready for a BIG shift! You will get the tools you need to make major moves and get the dollars rolling in!

7. The speaker selection is on point & the content is hallelujah terrific!

The great thing about the speakers at #PeriCON16 is that at some point they started out just like you! They took their dream, mixed in some hustle, baked in some mistakes and came out on the winning side of the game changer recipe. Now they are going to share their secret sauce with you! They aren’t talking theory, they are sharing real life business expertise.

6. “Never Give Up” Networking Opportunity!

Every business owner needs a community of folks that will keep them supported and motivated with moving towards their goals. No matter if you are looking for a community, mentor, JV partner or a connection for your next big move, this is your hunting ground. Million dollar deals are made in the hallways of #PeriCON16!

5. VIP really means VIP!

It’s one thing to hang out in the VIP Lounge hoping that someone of note may wonder in! But at this event a VIP ticket will also get you access to the Ask An Expert Luncheon! Yep, you get to sit face to face with your favorite speaker and ask them the burning questions about your business. And the “all you can eat” buffet ain’t bad either!

4. This for you, you and especially YOU!

Whether you are a startup struggling to find clients or a seasoned business owner stuck in your growth, you will find the strategies you need to move forward with your goals. Coaches, speakers, coaches, experts, service & product based businesses will find the key elements they need to thrive. By the way all entrepreneurs should tell friends the mompreneurs, wannapreneurs, authorpreneurs, part-time preneurs, solopreneurs, etc. to attend!

3. Dream, Hustle, Win, Repeat is the theme!

We think this says it all!

2. This conference is affordable!

Tickets start at just $99.50! Whuuut??!! Yep, you read it right. Tickets for this 2-day mega-event range from $99.50 – $299. You get your choice of 20+ panels and breakout sessions, access to 30+ speakers plus over 300 other treps (entrepreneurs) just like you to pow wow with! Don’t delay, prices go up April 2, 2016.

1. YOU NEED THIS like Fruit Loops need milk!

So maybe you don’t eat Fruit Loops, but I’m sure you get the point. You need this because no man (or woman) is an island. There is no college degree or training that prepares you to build a lucrative business in the 21st century. Most of us figure it out as we go, collecting scrapes and bruises on the way. Well imagine the opportunity to leave Kansas, meet The Wizard, pull back the curtain and learn exactly how the magic of running a thriving business really happens. Like we said, this is just what you need!

Hmmm, looks like you’re still here! What are you waiting on, go grab your tickets, do the booty dance,  then tweet us at @PeriCONlive so we can party with you!

We will See you there! – Team Jai

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