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5 Ways To Create A Hella Hot Paid Webinar

5 Ways To Create A Hella Hot Paid Webinar

5 Ways To Create A Hella Hot Paid Webinar

I have a confession… I love webinars. They are one of my favorite delivery vehicles for dropping kickass content.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve done pretty well with creating, conducting and converting webinars, and I wanted to share a few of my strategies with you.

Check out these 5 tips that can help you.

1. OFFER EXECUTABLE CONTENT: There are tons of FREE webinars out there that only offer teaser content as a way to introduce attendees to a product or program. This is both an effective and lucrative approach. Personally, I prefer to charge for my content since my brand is known for “no fluff, no bs” approach to selling. This is why I offer executable content that allows attendees to get what they came for. It’s why the majority of my webinars are paid, not free.

2. FOOLPROOF PLATFORM: Your platform is actually the most important part of this whole setup. If customers are paying for great content, then the experience of receiving said content should be nothing short of outstanding. Your platform should be stable, user friendly, easy to view, accessible via phone or computer and allow simple interactions from attendees. Personally I choose CLICK WEBINAR for a plethora of reasons. Not only does It to meet all the criteria listed above, it is also mobile friendly , does not require any downloads or extensions on your computer, and is totally customizable for your brand.

3. HOT TOPICS SELL: As experts we Often spend time creating content that we THINK our followers need. But in reality, that content may not be what customers want, so it doesn’t sell. You need to listen closely to what clients are asking for, it’s a good indication of what they are willing to pay for. If folks ask “Hey can you help me ______?” a couple times per week, that’s an indication of what you should pay attention to.

4. EDUTAINMENT IS EVERYTHING: Let’s face it, we live in a microwave society and ADHD consumers can easily get distracted in a webinar. In order to keep attendees engaged your delivery style should be a cross between education and entertainment. Use stories and jokes to illustrate your point and alter your tone to keep listening at a peak. Nothing loses listeners faster than a boring monotone presentation.

5. STUNNING VISUALS: I’m not afraid to about it, I always have a sh*t ton of slides. I use lots of photos and infographics to illustrate the point. I rarely use a bullet list, instead I break up each bullet on a separate slide. The constant change up keeps viewers attention. Keep in mind that the average tension span for an adult is about 7 seconds.

Ok, that about does it for me. Here’s to you producing a heap of hella HOT webinars.


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