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The Trials Of A Fatherless Daughter: A Note From Jada Pinkett Smith

The Trials Of A Fatherless Daughter: A Note From Jada Pinkett Smith

I saw this note below on the Facebook page of Jada Pinkett Smith, it was so thoughtful that I had to post for our audience to see. ┬áIt’s a testament to many things such as the fact that healing comes in stages, and the power of pain. We are all about transparency and healing and this note goes to the heart of it. See below.


I’m sitting here, and I am hurting today. Now as I tell you this… I don’t want pity. I have learned to take pleasure in pain because it is simply a signal that a truth is stirring and I must wake up to find it. And usually for me waking up means letting go of a belief.

That’s what happened today because I found a little girl who can’t understand why she didn’t deserve to have a “daddy” in this lifetime. It hit me this morning that I will never call any man “daddy”. It hit me how significant that role is to any girls development and life. All these years I had denied that significance in order to forge ahead. The motto has always been, “Nothing can stop me” and “NEVER let them see you sweat”.

The worst part was… I had no one to blame… no one to throw this pain to and say, “YOUR FAULT”. But this pain did expose areas of immaturity in my relationships accompanied with unreasonable expectations. It explains why when I hear the sweet voice of my daughter call her father “daddy” my heart cries with joy and pain all at once. And it did explain my incompleteness. Yes, this Virgo woman is incomplete. What a horrifying but fulfilling admittance.

This is the void I will have to reconcile without blaming two men, my father and step father, who did the best they could. And no… sometimes our best is NOT good enough, but… the capacity of the human heart and the Great Spirit that breathes within it… makes it all… well.

Thanks for listening:)

And…lovelovelove on your children.


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