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BOOO! Black Friday

BOOO! Black Friday

Let me just start by saying that I will be home snug as bug on Black Friday for many reasons. 1) I don’t like shopping and 2) I don’t like crowds! But the BIGGEST reason is that I’M AN INTROVERT!!! Wait! What??!! Yes, its true, the badass of blogging and queen of commentary is an introvert.

I won’t insult you by explaining that introversion is more about where how you get your energy than personality type (oops I just insulted you by explaining).  The point is, there are such things are Outgoing Introverts – i.e. (ME). Only my closest circle of friends know that given the choice to go to an industry mixer or snuggle with my remote, the remote wins hands down. Bet you never saw that coming, given my social calendar.  But being social is my business, you know social media and all.  If I had it my way it would be just me and Kerry Washington every night…I do love a good SCANDAL.

Lesson 1: The way people interact is not necessarily the way they live.
Lesson 2: It takes time and investment to TRULY know someone, peel back the layers.

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