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Game ChangHER Brunch Series 

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A Message From Jai...
One of my most valuable assets is my professional network, but I didn't start my career or business with those connections. I remember when I realized that my skill set alone was NOT going to help me make the moves that I would need to be a major contender for the BIG opportunities.  I needed to make POWER MOVES.  Nearly 20 years ago, someone took the time to show me how to create opportunities to connect with the right people and nurture those relationships. I began to understand, that over time, those connections would pay out serious personal and professional dividends.
I have been extremely fortunate to build an amazing network of Power Players and every other month I choose a few of those women to come and share their stories and expertise with my community of women business owners. This upcoming brunch is no exception.  Our focus for the upcoming event is on tackling fear and celebrating triumph, and I 'm excited to be joined by two dynamic women who have amazing stories, experience and expertise to share with you. There are only 30 seats, so don't delay with scooping up your ticket today!


If you are looking for a place to make quality connections to add to your business or professional network, this is the premier women's business brunch event. You should attend if:

  • You are a woman business owner looking for quality connections
  • You are a corporate woman looking to expand your business network
  • You are looking for fabulous food and fun with a great set of ladies
  • You love to laugh and indulge in stimulating dialogue
  • You like to dine with GREAT food and a cool atmosphere
  • You are new to Atlanta and need a place to feel at home
  • You are just plain BORED!!!!


In an effort to offer more exposure to budding Game ChangHERs, I’ve decided to offer affordable sponsorship opportunities for women business owners looking to grow their brand. You should consider sponsorship if you want to:

* Increase your brand recognition * Take advantage of cost affective advertising * Build your reputation * Connect with powerful women * Reach more than 20k women * Expand your audience * Support thriving entrepreneurs


Then email me at to get started!

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