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Cougar Chronicles #001: Dating Misadvendtures at Forty-Something

Cougar Chronicles #001: Dating Misadvendtures at Forty-Something

I hope you guys are ready for the next layer of Emotional Nudity *deeeep breath* (that was more for me, than you).  Here goes! So I have been out of the dating game for a while and recently decided to jump back into the pool… actually more like dipping my pinky toe in to the shallow end. But I gotta start somewhere *shrugs*.

Well my friends, being the supportive, amazing, enlightened people that they are (I hope you detected the dripping sarcasm) have been completely disgusted and miffed with the fact that I took myself TOTALLY out of play for a while.  And they weren’t shy about telling me about myself either.  I actually found it all rather comical for a while. Then a couple of weeks ago I was having a convo with a my good buddy about all my self improvement plans. I was adamant about NOT having time to seriously date.  That’s when he said something that made me stop and think… “Work on being the best YOU, but don’t miss out on HIM if he just happens to cross your path”.  Well, dag nabbit… if  he didn’t go and get me all confused!


Fast forward a couple of weeks, after mulling it over in my head and I came to the conclusion that it was time to start dating again.  And POW! Just like that, I’m on the market again.  Now I suppose it’s time to get myself dating ready so I can do this thang with pizazz.  I decided to start with a dating to-do list.

  • Get a hot new hair doo (this is a work in progress, I can’t wait for the big reveal)
  • Get at least one “freak em” dress  (…. do I really need to explain this?)
  • Get fab and fine (turn up my daily workout regimen… I’m about to bring the HEAT!)
  • Stop giving guys the side eye when they try to hit on me (check… er wait, I’m still working on that one)
  • Practice my Oooh Killem eyes (smokey eyeshadow – check; smoldering glance – check;  fluttering eyelashes – double check)
  • Pack up the “stank” attitude (what can I say… sometimes I can be quite stank, its a chick thang)

So now, let’s just hope that I’m ready.  By they way, shout out to The Sistah Chick who first suggested that I blog about my dating misadventures.  She says the 40+ crowd is TOTALLY under-represented online, and since I’m officially over 40 (42 to be exact), naturally I’m going to have to shake things up.  And NOPE, I don’t have a preference for younger men, I just thought Cougar Chronicles would be a catchy title for the series given my age.

Now excuse me while I go sharpen my claws.

Nakedly Yours,
Jai Stone (The Emotional Nudist)




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2 thoughts on “Cougar Chronicles #001: Dating Misadvendtures at Forty-Something
  1. The Sistah Chick says:

    lol!! I cant wait to keep up with this…

  2. Mommywithaplan says:

    The 40+ group is definitely under-represented. I need some encouragement as well. We have to stick together lol.

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