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Dear White People

Dear White People

Dear White People

I am aware that this post might make some of you stop following me. In that case, I am sad to see you leave, but happy to know that we are not aligned and should not be connected. Now let’s get to this message.


Your kid decides to head out on a Saturday afternoon to go to the movies with friends. As they head out the door, you call out after them “be careful”! Every parent worries about their kid meeting an “accident” that would cause them harm.

The safety of our loved ones a common worry in the daily lives of most people.


Same scenario, but the time the kid is black or brown. In addition to worrying about an “accident”, you have even bigger anxiety about an “incident” that may occur.

AN INCIDENT is code language for when a black or brown person is killed at the hands of white people without probable cause. I mean it would be too ugly to just call it “murder” so we will stick with the safe word and say “incident”.

I live in Atlanta and the riots are rocking our city these past 48 hours. And I’m honored to say that I have had my white friends ask me how they can help. I’m thankful for those friends.

Listen, it’s hard to know what to do in situations like these when you can’t relate. It’s hard to know what to say when the pain of black and brown people is so palpable. It’s hard to understand how people could be so mean and insensitive. Sh*t, it’s just HARD.

But it’s even harder to live in fear for your safety even when you are doing mundane things like being asleep in your own home or taking a morning jog.


The voices of black and brown people alone are not loud enough to make a difference. We need for our white friends to step up and support us. Here is how…

When you see something, say something. When you see or hear sh*t that’s out of order. Racist, sexist just generally fcked up behavior. Say something! I know it’s scary, but we are scared too. At the very least record the situation and be a silent witness.

Silence is compliance. When people that you know say something jacked up, tell them you don’t appreciate it. Racists view your silence as compliance.

Don’t judge. I do not agree with the riots. I am very sad that is happening. But I understand the level of pressure that has been building for years that leads to radical, irrational behavior born out of unheard cries of black and brown people.

Dear White Friends: I appreciate you for taking the time to read this heart-centered message. I thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts and feelings. And I am sending you prayers and positive energy to give you guidance on your next steps. I also recorded my thoughts on video to help.

Dear Black & Brown Friends: Stay hopeful, prayerful, diligent, and safe. Yours in harmony — Jai     

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