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Death Of My Smartphone – A Love Story (VIDEO)

Death Of My Smartphone – A Love Story (VIDEO)

Death Of My Smartphone – A Love Story (VIDEO)

Anybody that knows me, knows that I effing LOVE my smartphone. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 even has a name… Greg (after my first love),

G4 for short. By the way I also owned the 2 previous generations of the Galaxy Note, so I’m a die hard fan of the smartphone series. Greg takes the most amazing photos and videos and allows me to manage my social media, my money, my business and monster texting game all at the same time. With 65 apps and 500+ photos on the phone at any given time it’s safe to say that I’m a power user! And YES, I DO use all that sh*t. Me and Greg are inseparable. He’s the last thing I hold at night and the first thing I grab when I wake up at night. He makes my life manageable! Ahhh, but alas, all love affairs must end.
If you have ever lost or accidentally killed (dropped) a smartphone you can relate when I say it feels like someone died. That small piece of technology holds you entire freaking life and you have no direction without it. The cute photos of your kid that you took last week and the screenshot of the sexy black dress you plan to buy and all the funny texts from boo are all gone in an instant. Not to mention that you can’t remember anyone’s phone number and you have no calendar to tell you where you need to be. Your entire life is just on hold waiting for you to get your replacement phone and reboot your existence.Watch the video below and check out my story!

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