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NEW BOOK: Eating Cupcakes Naked…

NEW BOOK: Eating Cupcakes Naked…

Eating Cupcakes Naked:  My Path to Authentic Joy

Blank book coverSYNOPSIS:

Jai Stone is a successful entrepreneur and highly syndicated  blogger who has a colorful way of sharing her life experiences.  Her conversational and transparent approach to storytelling moves and entertains readers who have come to refer to her as an Emotional Nudist®.

In her first book, Easting Cupcakes Naked: My Path to Authentic Joy, Stone shares a series of tales that have yielded some of her greatest lessons. The collection of 13 parables chronicle some of the most pivotal and life altering experiences in Jai’s robust life.

Prepare to laugh, cry and cheer as you read this compilation of adventures. Don’t be surprised if you learn a lesson or two yourself about life, love and the pursuit of authentic joy.


If you would like more details on how or when you can purchase this book, please complete the form below.  You will receive timely information on the official launch dates and available discount pricing. This book is scheduled to be released December 2013. Register below to be the first to get details.


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