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So Ellen Just Made History, But A Few Slackers Still Aren’t Tweeting Yet

So Ellen Just Made History, But A Few Slackers Still Aren’t Tweeting Yet

So Ellen Just Made History, But A Few Slackers Still Aren’t Tweeting Yet

I think we can officially call this picture “The Selfie Seen Around The World”.  After all it did generate nearly 3 million retweets once it was posted by The 2014 Oscars host Ellen Degeneres.  In fact this particular picture made history as the most tweeted photo EVER! The retweeting frenzy even managed to shut down the Twitter network for about 20 minutes.  I think the phenomenon was largely in due to the fact that Ellen issued a challenge to the Twitterverse with her “let’s make history” statement which us avid tweeters perceived as a challenge.  But the fact that the tweet actually DID make history wasn’t the amazing part, it was the fact that so many A-list celebs were clambering to get in on the history-making moment. Meryl Streep even had the distinction of calling it her “first tweet”.

So here is my question if an A-lister like Ellen found it prudent to tweet during the Oscars, what are you waiting for? Think about it, if she is already famous, and you’re trying to get noticed, why wouldn’t you be tweeting at least TWICE as much as she?! For Ellen, Twitter is a maintenance tool she uses to keep connected to her audience.  In your case, it might just be the way that you get found in the first place.


I get asked about a bazillion times a month about how I manage to get so much media publicity.  Well there are lots of methods to my madness, but one of my main tools of promotion is Twitter. I use it to push out links from my blogs. Its’ the fastest, most efficient, most cost effective way to get people to read my content.  Check this out, 100% of all media outlets have someone parked on Twitter just keeping an eye out for what’s new and hot.  So imagine that you write some sort of catchy blog post and it crosses the Twitter Timeline of an editor for a big media outlet.  While reading your post, she decides not only does she love this first post, but she likes several others on your blog site.  And BOOM!! She asks you to become a contributor to her publication.  Sound cooky?!  Welp, that’s EXACTLY what has happened to me numerous times over.  In fact probably 50% of my media publicity and contributor opportunities started with a simple tweet.

So tell me again why you aren’t tweeting yet?

Nakedly Yours,
Jai Stone – Emotional Nudist/ Master Brand Coach


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One thought on “So Ellen Just Made History, But A Few Slackers Still Aren’t Tweeting Yet
  1. sonja says:

    Do you need a blog in order to be “noticed” on Twitter?

    I have a blog, but I don’t do much with it, because I feel like I don’t have anything witty or creative to discuss. Also, some of my tweets are re-tweeted periodically, but again…I don’t tweet much because of the same issue mentioned before

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