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Fire Your Cheerleaders And Hire A Coach [VIDEO]

Fire Your Cheerleaders And Hire A Coach [VIDEO]

Someone once asked me about the difference between criticism and “constructive” criticism siting that in his mind, they were both the same. Welp, in the words of my 8-year old niece they are “a whole lot, wayyyy different”.  The most obvious difference is the intent behind the feedback. Some people are critical with no real intention for an outcome, they just want to hear themselves speak.  But when a person is offering constructive feedback, the intention is to see a better outcome in the future. They key word here being OUTCOME.

So here’s some real sh*t for you.  If you want to win big, then you need to start by admitting that you don’t know it all.  And if you don’t know it all, then it stands to reason that you will make mistakes or need improvement on something. So if you can wrap your brain around that concept, then I don’t think its a far reach to say that “feedback” is a catalyst to improvement. Sounds pretty logical, right?

Well as logical as it all may seem, why do people still avoid giving and receiving feedback?  The answer is simple, because people’s reaction to feedback is almost always emotional and not logical.  It stings to know we have fallen short and it is damned uncomfortable to tell people that they need a do-over.

Now here is another shot right between the eyes. We all NEED feedback. We need to give it and to receive it as often as possible in order to create that kickass lifestyle that you crave. My recent video talks about how to position yourself to optimize feedback and use it to propel you to greater heights. So take a gander, then let me know one way that you seek honest feedback. I can’t wait to hear your answer.


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