The Lifestyle:

Each of us is uniquely designed for a distinct pre-destined existence.  The challenge is that most of us have no clue how to find that destiny, so we flutter about attaching ourselves to things and people that propel us in the wrong direction.  The truth is most of us lack the courage, the knowledge and the support required to reach our actual potential and design our ideal lives. We are are often prisoners to jobs, finances and even relationships that suppress our natural desire to do what we are called to do.

The Emotional Nudity Lifestyle requires that you take an open and honest look at your life and your desires then create a personalized path that suits you.  There are 6 Life Zones that determine our directional compass, and once our direction is  clarified  we gravitate towards people and places where we are no longer simply tolerated but warmly embraced. The Personal Compass gives us permission to move forward without fear or apologies.  If you desire more details got WHAT IS EMOTIONAL NUDITY.


It Starts NOW:

I would love to tell you that this process will be easy, but he truth is I’m still on my journey. I make decisions every day that I pray bring me closer to my ideal existence, but there are some days that I fall short, and I must DECIDE to begin again. I’m learning to make that decision without beating myself up or complaining, I must simply continue to doe the work.

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