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Why Holiday’s Are Everythang For Treps

Why Holiday’s Are Everythang For Treps

Why Holiday’s Are Everythang For Treps

This week, I have been epically excited about the upcoming holiday weekend. I was so excited that I was up at 6:45am on a Saturday morning. You see while most people are preparing there best recipe for the grill or planning their “knock em’ dead” holiday outfit, I am strapped to my office chair pounding on my keyboard like Liberace playing the Boogie Woogie (I know I’m telling my age, but anyhoo).

Now, I’m not excited about the same things that everyone else is. Nope it’s not the friends, family and sweet succulent barbeque that have me all wound up, it’s the uninterrupted work time. Yasssss!! I get to work without ringing phones, twitter alerts, email notifications or distractions for 3 entire days. My family is gone so I have the peace and quiet I need to focus and put a serious dent in my task list.

I have been on the Operation Kill The Game Holiday work plan for several years now, and I simply love it. It’s my chance to put all the production killing distractions on hold and really dive in and finish those pesky little things that keep recycling through my to-do list. The key component here is FOCUS. While it’s fun to be social and spread the love. These days I want to spread the love to my bank account so that I can really love myself into early retirement.

I am guiltless about turning down invitations and shooing away bugaboos during this time. This is my coveted “get caught up” time and I look forward to it every holiday. It’s my secret sauce to staying ahead of things in my business. I was chatting with my accountant the other day and I asked what she planned to do for the holiday weekend and she replied “I get to work uninterrupted!”.  Boom! That’s what I’m talking about, a trep’s dream.

Now that I have shared my secret sauce (or at least one of them), I am going to go jump back on my production list. Happy holidays y’all!

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