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If Thanks Were Enough: A Letter To My Fans

If Thanks Were Enough: A Letter To My Fans

Dear Nudie Patooties:

If THANKS were enough, I would tell you how much it means to have so much support and kindness exhibited by total strangers.  I would say how humbled I am to have such a strong following of devoted fans and powerful leaders that support my vision.

If only a THANK YOU could communicate why I get a lump in my throat each time someone says I’ve impacted their lives. Or why I’m moved to tears so often during my times of self expression.

If expressing simple gratitude was enough to show my heavenly father how grateful I am for the gifts he has bestowed, then I would say it a million times over.

But saying thanks isn’t quite enough.  The way I plan to show my appreciation for what has come from the Emotional Nudity brand is to dedicate myself daily to showing OTHERS the same path and principles. My thanks in words can simply be said, but my thanks in service is what I humbly offer.

To a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

Emotionally Yours,
Jai Stone

Jai Stone (Master Brand Coach)
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