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How To RE-Brand A Brand Coach (The Jai Stone REMIX)

How To RE-Brand A Brand Coach  (The Jai Stone REMIX)

How To RE-Brand A Brand Coach (The Jai Stone REMIX)


Some people know me as Jai Stone, The Brand Coach.  Others have seen me referred to as the Emotional Nudist.  And still there are more folks that might have experienced me as an outspoken opinion blogger, a spicy speaker or a social media superhero.  All these “labels” left some of you thinking… “why the heck doesn’t she make up her mind?!”  You are correct, I SHOULD make up my mind… and so I have. I’ve decided to be 100% ME!

Yep,  I have multiple brands and they each have their own audience, but they all have ONE thing in common… ME!! I am the common thread. I figured it was time that I stopped hiding behind the brand and BECAME the brand (POW!).  Hey DJ run that funky track back one time … “Th-th-this is the the REMIX!”


I’m not gonna lie to you, maintaining multiple brands turned out to be quite exhausting, even for a superhero like myself.  But more importantly, there was a lot of pressure to always be switching hats to connect to the different market segments.  The danger in that approach is that I risked fracturing my brand and making it look scattered.  So I took a long look at everything that I do well AND that I am passionate about and made some hard decisions.  I decided to keep doing what I love and stop doing what I hated! But that’s not all, I also looked at what was left and chose to focus mostly on the things that made me money.  And BAM!! That was my new business model.  Can I get a woot woot!

I finally got the courage to customize my business model and my brand on my terms without feeling like I needed to pander to one audience or the other.  In my case it worked out because I found the perfect way for my 3 biggest brands to intersect. Finally I could feed my passions for entrepreneurship, coaching and personal development all from the same source.  The remaining challenge would be how to communicate that to my audiences in words and and imagery.  Welp, keep reading to see how I did it.



I’ve always had a strong passion for supporting women in finding their path to Authentic Joy (TM) through both personal and professional growth.  As I surveyed my audience, I noticed that many of them viewed business ownership as a source of personal freedom. They were often faced with personal circumstances that made a traditional 9-5 unappealing.  And still others yearned to live a totally authentic lifestyle and gravitated towards my tools for transformation.  I could relate and connect to those women on all levels and thus I created a myriad of programs designed to target their needs.


Once I clarified who I was speaking to, and what to offer them. It was time to determine how to reach them.  I opted for a concise message that communicated my core competency in as few words as possible.

“I teach women, how to create profitable businesses without compromising their personal lives. ”  – Jai Stone, Emotional Nudist & Master Brand Coach

Put more plainly: REAL Women. REAL Business. REAL Life.



Now, this is where it got tricky.  Once I had the messaging nailed down, it was important to find the right visual representation of the re-branded me. The first thing I did was look at my 3 big brands and combine their primary colors.  I then assigned a primary color to each brand so they could be equally represented in the visual  elements.  I chose a 4th accent color to be sprinkled throughout the brand to add a bit of SPLASH.


My new logo had been designed less than a year ago, so I opted just to have the colors updated.  I also revisited my photos from my last professional shoot and realized that there were dozens of poses that I had never used. The refreshed logo and photos were very effective in merging the old elements with the remixed brand.

If you want to dig deeper into the changes check out the highlights on the site:

By the way… this means that content from 4 websites has been combined into one.  Over the next 2 weeks, I will completely shut down the Emotional Nudity, EDGE Brand Academy and The Brand Coach websites since all of the content now resides here on Jai  Lastly I put in a request to Facebook to merge my 3 fan pages into one (that might take a while). Unfortunately, there is no way to merge Twitter accounts.  Whew!!! I think I’m done now.


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