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4 Reasons You Need To Do More Videos To Grow Your Brand

4 Reasons You Need To Do More Videos To Grow Your Brand

Let me guess? You hate the way you look on video or you don’t like the way you sound!  Welp, true story… I used to feel the same way about myself! In fact I had some pretty nasty experiences when I first started making You Tube videos. So nasty in fact that I even stopped making videos for 3 years. Fast forward a few years, and I’m doing a couple videos a week and I have seen major growth with my brand as a result.  So I figured it was time for me to share with you 4 reasons you need to do more videos to grow your brand.

  1. To establish an rapport with your audience – your audience will trust you more if they can feel connected to you.
  2. The media will look for videos of you to gauge your brand appeal – media agents want to know how you will look if they decide to put you on camera, videos are a good way to tell.
  3.  You will gain more speaking opportunities – Videos can be shared online therefore reach an audience that otherwise you would  not be able to touch. Just think more video, more opportunities.
  4.  It will build your confidence – The more videos you do, the more confident you will be about your public image and confidence attracts SUCCESS!



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